CaseActive チームによる

In CaseActive, the Library is like a treasure chest full of ready-to-use templates. These templates cover different tasks such as managing your feed, making forms, using e-signatures, assigning tasks, and marking locations. 

They’re there to help you work faster and keep things consistent. It’s like having a handy toolkit at your disposal. With these templates, you can get things done quickly without starting from scratch each time.

 You can create templates for:

  • Feed
  • Form
  • E-sign
  • Task

Here is the step by step process of creating a template:

  • Login to your CaseActive account.
  • Click on the “Admin” button in front of the App you want to create case categories in.
  • Now click on “Library”.
  • Now click on the respective section of which you want to create the template.
  • Now click on “+ New” button.
  • Now fill the information required and you have successfully created your template.




コラボレーションを開始したい場合、または CaseActive に関する詳細情報を入手したい場合は、フォームにご記入ください。できるだけ早くご連絡いたします。