CaseActive チームによる
  • Feed – Effortless Communication: Stay in touch with your clients effortlessly through our intuitive feed feature. Keep everyone on the same page and ensure smooth collaboration.
  • Events – Stay Organized: You and your clients will never miss an important event or deadline again! Our event feature enables you to create events and reminders, helping you and your clients stay organized and on top of key dates and tasks.
  • Forms – Simplify Data Collection: Streamline information-gathering with our forms feature. Easily collect vital client data, simplifying the onboarding and information-sharing process.
  • E-sign – Secure Signatures: Seal the deal swiftly with our signs feature. You can sign documents securely and efficiently, including contracts, agreements, or approvals.
  • Invoice – Effortless Payments: Bid farewell to payment hassles! Our invoice feature lets you conveniently collect payments. We also offer a view-only invoice option, simplifying financial transactions for both you and your clients.
  • Notes – Comprehensive Client Records: Keep detailed notes about your clients using our notes feature. Enhance your client relationships by always having essential information at your fingertips.
  • Task – Task Management Made Easy: Boost productivity and accountability with our tasks feature. Create, assign, and track tasks effortlessly, ensuring nothing falls through the cracks.
  • Convo – Face to Face: Anywhere, Enjoy the convenience of video conference calls with our convo feature. Connect with clients instantly so you and your team will never miss meaningful discussions. Our recording feature also allows you to revisit these crucial conversations.
  • And Much More




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