CaseActive チームによる

This article shows admins how to create users and update records with the platform’s user interface. Admins can also add users to a new case and edit existing cases.

Creating a user

  1. Log in to the admin account.
  2. Locate an app on the Apps page and click the ADMIN button.
  3. On the Admin panel, click the Users menu tab.
  4. Click the NEW button. A new window displays.

Fill in the fields and click SAVE. Case Active adds the name to the list of users associated with this app.

Modifying a user

To update a small number of user records, use the Edit tool and make changes to each individual user.

  • Note To modify a large number of user records in one sitting, consider using the Import tool.
  1. On the Admin panel, click the Users menu tab.
  2. Locate a user and click Edit.
  3. Make changes and click SAVE.

Next steps

Case Active does not send the user an email notification. Admins should contact the user and send them a link to the Case Active home page. The user then clicks the LOGIN button and completes the workflow for new signups.

  • This article describes the signup workflow for new users.




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