March 28, 2024
by CaseActive Team

Admins create, modify or disable who can access apps and cases. When a user logs in to the platform for the first time, they need to complete a profile workflow.

  • Click here to learn more about the new user profile workflow.

Managing a user

The table below shows five ways to manage a user. Click a link to learn how.

Method Type Actions Details
Using UI UI add & modify Admin button > Users
While creating a case and assign user to case UI add Admin button > Cases > New button > Create Case page
Auto create user using public signup link User action add Admin button > Settings > System Setup page
Import tool UI add & modify Admin button > Integrations > Imports
Using API (coming soon) API add & modify N/A


The platform does not send users a notification when they are added to an app. However, admins can enable notifications for case assignments.

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