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What is an App?

An App in CaseActive is basically a workspace where you can manage all your cases. You can create a single workspace for all our clients or create multiple workspaces according to your clients depending upon your preferences. 

What does the app do?

An App is where you can create projects and subprojects in the form of cases for your client/clients, here you can also manage and analyze each and every aspect of a client, users, libraries, integrations, settings, etc.

What is a case?

A case in CaseActive can be defined as a project or subproject within an app. You can create multiple cases within an app according to your requirements.

What does a case do?

A case helps you keep track of each specific project or sub-project without any hurdles and confusion. It allows you to use many features like Feed, Convo, Events, Notes and many more to manage your project or sub-project.

What are roles?

Roles are different functions assumed by a person within a case. You can create roles and assign people the roles from the admin dashboard. By default, only 3 roles are created:

  • Client
  • Default 
  • Staff

Click here to know how you can create and assign custom roles.




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