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Enhance Your Client Collaboration Experience

Navigating the complexities of client collaboration can be challenging. From streamlining the onboarding process, requesting documents, ensuring clear communication, and minimizing the need for multiple tools, we understand the nuances involved.

Discover the Benefits

CaseActive is designed to address these specific challenges, providing a seamless and intuitive experience in client interactions, media/document handling, and case management.

Speed Matters
Prioritize precision and expedite your new client onboarding process. CaseActive empowers you to focus on what's most important: delivering unparalleled service.

Customize Your Experience

CaseActive is designed to cater to a diverse array of industries.

Everything you need, all in one place

Streamline processes, foster client relationships, and manage every project detail seamlessly.

Feed - Effortless Communication
Stay in touch with your clients effortlessly through our intuitive feed feature. Keep everyone on the same page and ensure smooth collaboration.
Events - Stay Organized
You and your clients will never miss an important event or deadline again! Our event feature enables you to create events and reminders, helping you and your clients stay organized and on top of key dates and tasks.
Forms - Simplify Data Collection
Streamline information-gathering with our forms feature. Easily collect vital client data, simplifying the onboarding and information-sharing process.
E-signs - Secure Signatures
Seal the deal swiftly with our signs feature. You can sign documents securely and efficiently, including contracts, agreements, or approvals.
Invoices - Effortless Payments
Bid farewell to payment hassles! Our invoice feature lets you conveniently collect payments. We also offer a view-only invoice option, simplifying financial transactions for both you and your clients.
Notes - Comprehensive Client Records
Keep detailed notes about your clients using our notes feature. Enhance your client relationships by always having essential information at your fingertips.
Tasks - Task Management Made Easy
Boost productivity and accountability with our tasks feature. Create, assign, and track tasks effortlessly, ensuring nothing falls through the cracks.
Convo - Face to Face, Anywhere
Enjoy the convenience of video conference calls with our convo feature. Connect with clients instantly so you and your team will never miss meaningful discussions. Our recording feature also allows you to revisit these crucial conversations.
And many more...
Check all the features and meet our tool closer.

Why Users Love Us

Real testimonials from real CaseActive users

Since adopting CaseActive, our project timelines have never been clearer, and client interactions have never been smoother.

Jason R.

Lead Architect at Smith & Associates

The ease with which employees and clients can access and retrieve previous files has significantly enhanced our workflow efficiency. CaseActive's robust system for data retention has undoubtedly contributed to the overall success of our operations.

Mark T.

Operations Manager at Khan & Associates

CaseActive has been a game-changer for us! We’ve used it to improve project delivery times several times now, and I can see us using it for years to come.

Sandra L.

CEO of Wright & Partners

Adopting CaseActive has transformed my practice. The ease of communication and data management has allowed me to focus more on my clients and less on administrative tasks.

Dr. Anna M.


CaseActive has revolutionized our client interactions. The pre-session reminders ensure our clients feel cared for and supported even before the video session begins. Moreover, the ability to record sessions for later review has proven immensely beneficial, enhancing the overall quality of our services.

Dr. Sarah L.


CaseActive's task module has been invaluable. I can now assign tasks and tailor my approaches more effectively, ensuring better outcomes for my clients.

Dr. Raj K.


We’re incredibly impressed with the insights and analytics that we can glean thanks to CaseActive. It’s completely changed our decision-making process, and we’re on track to generate more revenue than ever before.

Jordan L.

Strategy at Firefly Creative

Transitioning to CaseActive has been huge for us. The fact that it’s so scalable and flexible was critical for us last year when we grew even faster than we anticipated. It’s reassuring to know that as we expand, CaseActive is right there with us.

Emily R.

Director at Green Pixel Marketing

Implementing CaseActive has been a game-changer for our clients. The user-friendly interface makes it incredibly easy for them to navigate, almost like using their favorite social media apps. The simplicity is a breath of fresh air – no need for manuals or extensive training. It's just intuitive and efficient.

Michael S.

Client Services at Blue Moon Consulting

CaseActive's commitment to data security and seamless client communication has revitalized our firm's operations. Our clients have never felt more valued and protected, and we appreciate that.

Mark J.

Attorney at Johnson Legal Solutions

CaseActive has significantly reduced turnover challenges at our firm. The seamless transition between team members allows us to onboard new employees effortlessly . This continuity ensures that our cases progress without interruption, maintaining the high standard of service our clients expect.

Sarah M.

HR Manager at Thompson & Associates Law Group

Integrating CaseActive into our firm transformed our workflow. With streamlined case management and secure communication channels, we can now offer our clients the kind of service that separates us from the competition.

Laura D.

Senior Partner at Mario & Associates Law Firm

Multi-Language Tool

Unlock global potential with CaseActive's support for 70+ languages. Ensure fluent communication with clients, no matter their location, in their language.