Solving For Present And Future Challenges

CaseActive was created to help businesses stay ahead of the curve and address organizational challenges with modern solutions. Our platform offers frictionless collaboration, convenient automation, and improved productivity to help you take your business to the next level.

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Client Onboarding Automation

If the onboarding process is too complicated, 74% of potential customers will explore other options. CaseActive simplifies your onboarding by automating the initial setup, forms, and other communication processes.

Client Communication Automation

CaseActive is focused on using automation to improve productivity and efficiency. With the ability to automate specific messages if communication is idle, our platform makes seamlessly communicating with clients efficiently and transparently easier.

Streamlined Collaboration

Often, leaders at organizations spend too much time bringing junior team members up to speed. 75% of employees value collaboration at work as “very important.” Our platform makes it faster for all team members to get updated, collaborate, and stay aligned.

Our Solutions Help You Streamline, Collaborate, and Scale

In today's evolving business world, adaptability and efficiency reign supreme. CaseActive's integrated platform combines simplicity with sophistication, enabling seamless team and client collaboration while preparing you to tackle future challenges head-on.


Stay ahead of the curve with our dynamic Events feature. CaseActive enables you to schedule both events and reminders effortlessly, ensuring that your team is on the same page and your clients remain satisfied.



Data collection has never been this efficient. Our intuitive CaseActive forms simplify the client onboarding process while also making information exchange seamless and straightforward.



Enhance how you seal the deal with our E-sign feature. Instead of the hassle of dealing with paperwork, CaseActive empowers you and your clients to easily sign contracts and approvals, streamlining your workflow and improving productivity



Take the complexity out of payments with our easy-to-use Invoices feature. You can also provide clients with view-only options to streamline financial transactions with both clarity and convenience.



Our Tasks feature empowers your team to be more productive than ever before. Whether you’re looking to manage, delegate, or hit deadlines, this feature allows CaseActive users to seamlessly create, assign, and monitor tasks.



Our Convo feature makes it easier for you to facilitate meaningful discussions with both your team members and clients with real-time video calls. Engage in important conversations while also being able to record them to revisit later, ensuring you never miss a valuable moment.

Admin Panel

Experience unparalleled control and oversight with our Admin Panel feature. Navigate a user-friendly dashboard to manage cases, monitor users, adjust permissions, and streamline your operations. Our Admin Panel also empowers you to configure relevant apps and workflows.

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Igniting Innovation Across Industries

Navigating the complexities across various industries, CaseActive seamlessly integrates the tools and features needed for businesses to scale. Here’s how we empower different firms and organizations to stay ahead of the innovation curve

Law Firms

Data Security

Law firms manage delicate client data, with security breaches being a major concern. CaseActive provides strong security features like encryption, secure communications, and user controls to protect client data.

Case Management

Legal case handling and documentation can be daunting! CaseActive’s tools optimize this with tools like document sorting, automatic reminders, and safe document signing.

Clear Communication

Lack of communication is the #1 reason for malpractice at law firms. CaseActive makes it easier for lawyers to both communicate and collaborate.

Client Relations

Clear, prompt attorney-client communication is vital. CaseActive promotes this with a dedicated portal, minimizing client issues and boosting satisfaction.

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